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About Family Matters Gifts


Hi, my name is Miriam, and together with my husband of some 26 years, Michael, we run Family Matters Gifts.

After I finished my Nursing career and Michael finished his Military career, we both concentrated all of our efforts in building and fostering a loving, warm and supportive family structure, and it's a life that we truly treasure and are eternally grateful for.

Part of that life, of course, involved buying gifts for each other as a token of our respect, love and appreciation for each other and for our wider network of friends and associates. But we found it a little bit frustrating; finding the right gift, finding a gift that would truly be appreciated and treasured, and that would put a smile on someone's face and a glow in their heart.

So one day I suggested to Michael that we try doing it ourselves! He loved the idea and now, some years later, we have an ever-increasing network of good-hearted people that truly appreciate using our store. Many of them have become friends too and we appreciate the relationship that we have formed with them.

It took Michael and I some time to embrace the wonders of Social Media and were a little bit scared at first but we slowly found that it was a fantastic way of keeping our family and friends network closer; particularly as people seem to spend so much time travelling these days.

So, thank you for stopping by our Store and we hope that you find what you are looking for; our aim is to make the 'problem' of buying the right family gift a pleasure rather than a chore.

Have a blessed day, Love, Miriam and Michael xxx